We believe in the transformative potential of organized society.

We understand the power of civic engagement and collective action.

We create opportunities for access to resources, funding and training.

Who we are

We are a Mexican fund, created to empower groups, organizations and networks that work at the local level, with the aim of strengthening civic action that promotes human rights and social justice in Mexico.


Provide support to groups and networks

That face inequalities in access to the resources they need to carry out their work to promote social justice and defend human rights.


Join the effort to address the inequalities

Join the effort to address the inequalities, due to gender, racism or discrimination, among others, that persist at an appalling level in our country.


Promote civic engagement in public affairs

Promote civic engagement in public affairs, in the context of closures of civic spaces and a human rights crisis.


To contribute to transformative processes

To strengthen civic action that promotes human rights and social justice at the local level.




the number of states where our partners are working to advance the human rights agenda.


the number of communities where our partners carry out their day-to-day work.


What do organizations think about Acento?

“The close support that we have received from Acento has made things easier for us. We really like the way they communicate and work with use. We appreciate the flexibility and ease offered to us in the management of the funding that has helped us to carry out our work”.
Center for Human Rights for Southern Veracruz, Bety Cariño.


“The relationship with Acento has been beneficial. I am grateful that they believe in our processes as a collective, and support grassroots movements. I hope that they maintain these principles, and continue to work with similar movements in the future”.
“Seeds” Collective, Much’ Kanan I’inaj. Quintana Roo.

Quintana Roo

“The funding from Acento has allowed us, as a collective, to focus searching for missing persons and obtaining justice for our missing children. Prior to receiving this funding, we used to spend a lot of time organizing raffles and events to cover our costs”.
Warriors in search of our treasures