Who we are

We are a Mexican fund, created to empower groups, organizations and networks that work at the local level, with the aim of strengthening civic action that promotes human rights and social justice in Mexico.


Provide support to groups and networks

that face inequalities in access to the resources they need to carry out their work to promote social justice and defend human rights.


Join the effort to address the inequalities

due to gender, racism or discrimination, among others, that persist at an appalling level in our country.


Promote civic engagement in public affairs

Promote civic engagement in public affairs, in the context of closures of civic spaces and a human rights crisis.


Contribute to transformative processes

To strengthen civic action that promotes human rights and social justice at the local level.


Acento, Acción Local is an organization recognized by the human rights movement for its contribution to the development of organizations and their agendas at the local level. Acento aims to explore and implement innovative procedures, to contribute to the development of more horizontal, collaborative philanthropy that is sensitive to the needs of the movement itself.

We want to empower the human rights movement to become more diverse, stronger and more structured. We aim to support change in local realities, as a path towards the full enjoyment of human rights and social justice in our country.

We believe in the need to drive profound changes that help to transform the unequal relationships that exist in our societies, through different strategies.

As routes to drive systemic and structural changes. We believe in progessive agendas to promote social justice and human rights, that drive public intervention to correct extreme inequalities, promote inclusion and diversity, and decisively oppose corruption and impunity.

We believe in the importance of valuing the different issues, regions and strategies that groups, organizations and networks cover with their work, regardless of their organizational structure, place of work, or legal identity.

We believe that those working at the local level understand priorities for action, that national work in the issues of social justice and human rights may be enriched by listening to these voices, and that it’s possible to define prioritizes to inform funding decisions.

Between those who contribute resources, and those who receive them, to carry out their work and achieve their mission. We believe that the inequalities between those who grant resources and those who receive them can be lessened by developing collaborative relationships.

What we contribute

Acento works through three main strategies:


Financial contributions and tehnical support.

We provide funding and technical support to help to build and empower groups, organizations and networks. The organizations who receive our support also become partners of Acento.


Capacity building and strengthening.

For partner groups, organizations and networks, through specialized technical support, collective spaces for knowledge generation and processes to develop new capabilities


Collaborative dialogue and mutual learning.

Installation of systematic mechanisms for dialogue and processes for collective learning and analysis with partner organizations.