Interweaving threads for social transformation

Four years of experiencing a new way of doing philanthropy in Mexico.

The idea behind the inception of Acento, Acción Local was to decentralize resources to advance the human rights and social justice agenda in Mexico. Thus, we began the operation of a Fund that, in an accessible manner, gives priority funding to organizations traditionally marginalized from the possibilities of receiving funds and mainly located outside Mexico City.


Four years after the beginning of our operation, we can affirm that we have become something much bigger than the original idea. We have advanced in the implementation of a sensitive philanthropy that is close to groups and organizations, and adapts to the dynamics, complex and changing contexts that we all face. This type of philanthropy generates alternatives to reduce the complexity of having access to financial and strategic resources, while closely accompanying the growth and development of organizations.


This structuring has allowed us to exemplify how it is possible to change the relationship practices between those who we finance and those who receive resources, trying to shorten the power and control gaps as much as possible. We are practicing how to build relationships based on trust, feedback and joint learning.


In our environment, we see ourselves with a relevant and innovative role, not only for the communities that are changing the reality in their territories, but also for those people and institutions interested in betting on such changes. As a work team, we also have clear how we jointly weave with partner groups and organizations, with donors committed to this model, with external collaborators that are part of the same institutional commitment, and with other stakeholders in the sector.


In the next few days, you will be able to read our 2023 Activity Report, which shows the road we have traveled during this year, which reflects our contribution to the organizations with which we collaborate, but, above all, it reveals to us the invaluable work for the defense and promotion of human rights and social justice carried out by the people organized in the territory. This text is an acknowledgment of this contribution and a reminder of the need to continue working for social change at the local level.