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Interweaving threads for social transformation

Four years of experiencing a new way of doing philanthropy in Mexico. The idea behind the inception of Acento, Acción Local was to decentralize... Read More
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Our 2022 Call for Proposals and the Diverse Landscape of Local Organization

" The creativity and diversity with which civil society organizes itself to live in more dignified and just environments never ceases to amaze us."... Read More
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Acento, Local Action: Honoring the MacArthur Foundation’s Legacy in Mexico

After months of study, analysis, and consultation, Acento, Local Action made its public debut in August 2020. This new funding initiative is committed to the social justice and human rights movements in Mexico that work at the local level. At Acento, Local Action, we practice a philanthropy focused on trust and creating connections in the midst of complex social, political, and economic contexts that are made even more challenging by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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